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Our stockshot library has been giving access to archival and modern day pristine 16mm and 35mm footage for more than fifteen years now, on various subjects and periods, from all around the world. The material is quickly available on all formats. Film Images is a library continuously expanding its range of moving imagery with a focus on Europe. The company welcomes any filmmakers or production companies holding such material for sale or representation.

And so, after years of representing famous worldwide stock footage libraries, such as Historic Films, Third Millennium, Clips & Footage, Film Archives, Stock Options, Action Sports, NHNZ Images and many others, Film Images Paris have now set goal in also building up our own moving image archives. It first started with the acquisition of a comprehensive newsreel Russian collection tracing back to the Tsar period up to the end of this century. This was followed by the acquisition of more than four thousand 16mm reels.

Our discoveries have been ethnographical for the first part with black & white documentaries on China, West Africa, Australia, Canada, Arctic and South America (Hopi Kachinas Indians) and also Northern Europe with films on France, Belgium, Western Wales or the Netherlands. Most exciting is the period from the 1930s to 1950s, and our catalogue has been enhanced by dozens of titles on all aspects of life in France : Francaises de Demain, Scouts de France, Les Forains, Les Cadets du Conservatoire, the list is extended nearly every day... We can also single out the films La Route sur les Toits and Les Gens du Nord, when between 1950 and 1970 the French countryside was deserted by youngsters in search for the metropolitan turmoil.

Missionary work is well pictured too in Maghreb Inconnu, Les Deux Visages du Sahara, or Une Ecole Nomade au Hoggar, at the time when France was well established in African colonies.

This newly built collection gave us the rare opportunity of digging out twelve documentary films made in the 1940s and early 1950s by renowned Jean Mineur. We also secured worldwide distribution rights for Quatre du Groenland, a priceless chronicle of the very first French expedition to Greenland with Paul-Emile Victor.

Reports or animation footage on art and artists, such as conductor Zubin Mehta, painter Edward Hopper, writer Gertrude Stein or Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova, are also a significant part of our catalogues. Our Film Images Paris on-line database helps you find what you are looking for but please do not hesitate to contact our researchers as collections are growing faster than updated files on the net, and we will always have more to propose.

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